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Welcome, I'm Jim (jw) Thiel owner and operator of jw Custom.  I have been working on firearms of all kinds since the mid 1970s and truly love what I do.  After having a shop in Denver, Co. for many years I returned to my home state of Kansas about 6 years ago and now operate in Salina.

I am a Vietnam Veteran and a former Police Officer.   I am a proud member of the National Rifle Association, American Gunsmithing Association, National Association of Firearms Retailers and the United States Practical Shooting Association.


I have decided that the time has come for me to retire, I want to thank the people of Salina, the state of Kansas as well as across the USA for their great support and patronage.  I have been blessed with many great associations and friendships that have developed over the past 8 years and hope to maintain those associations for many years to come.

I am currently accepting selected jobs and will continue to due so until mid June or July 1st at the latest.  All customer jobs, completed or not, will have to be picked up by July 30th at the very latest.

I am now working with a talented young gunsmith who wants to buy my operation and continue in Salina after my departure.  If all works out he should be in the shop and working by Labor Day 2015 at the latest.  I will update this with further information as it becomes available.

Following my retirement I will not be doing any general gunsmithing but will maintain my Class II SOT, sell suppressors and other NFA Items as well as continuing my work on machine guns.  I will update my contact info for the NFA items later on this site.

Thank You All
Jim Thiel
The adjacent pictures are of my shop in Salina, it is a full time business located in a industrial building.  I work at this full time, usually 5 days a week.  I am not a kitchen table or basement gunsmith with another full time job.  This is what I do and this is all I do!

No matter what your shooting discipline, I can provide you with timely and fairly priced services.  My turn around time varies but usually can be measured in weeks not months or years.

I will give you an estimate of charges or a flat rate price for a job and unless approved by you prior to the work being done, there will be no extra charges or add-ons-NO SURPRISES.

On following pages I provide examples of the work that I do and pricing of some basic services and jobs.
Please feel free to contact me for specific information on your particular needs.

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